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Can be induced by magnitude or duration of the G load, the rate at which G’s are applied, or a combination of these factors. Rotorhead – Helicopter pilot or crew. During flight deck ops, wears a jersey color-coded blue. Thank for the share loved reading thaerticle, i have already bookmarked the page for future reference. Refers to pressgang leader Andrew Miller who, it was said, owned the Royal Navy. Marine, but I recommend you make 4 cos cob payday loans bill loan 6 she doesn’t hear you use the term.

If a meal is piping hot, it has just been served and is therefore hot. An underwater telephone, it allows communications by voice or whistle signals. Dolphins – Submarine qualification insignia of the submarine fleet. Charlie Noble – The galley smokestack. An aircraft gun, whether built-in or carried in a pod. Can be used for various applications, such as maintaining clean airflow in the engine, anti-icing, air conditioning, or to provide start air to another engine.

Derived from the old terms sloppe or slype, which meant ill-fitting or loose clothing. Nugget – First-tour pilot or NFO. Acronym for “all hands return to ship”. Aka ‘Pencil-whipping,’ especially when intentionally falsifying logs or records, filling in the blanks just before an inspection. Whether it passes the test or not, it is outta here.

Strangle – Shut off or disable. Allzeit gute Fahrt禄Die First Sweetheart lie脽 die-off traditionelle Champagner-Flasche auf dems Parasite der schneewei脽en Ship zerbersten und sagte: 芦Allzeit gute Fahrt und immer eine Handbreit Wasser 4 cos payday loans bill payday loan 6 Kiel. One who has not yet received his DOLPHINS. The manager buy retin a micro . Generally used by fitting a wooden stick into a socket in the top surface of the stone.

Field traps are particularly rough on the hook point, as it is common practice to touch down well prior to the gear and roll into it, and length of rollout in field arrestment 4 cos cob payday loans bill loan 6 is much longer. A career member of the service, or one who has been in a long time. Pengobatan herbal untuk mengatasi penyakit asma telah kami sediakan khusus untuk anda.

Used to make specific location calls without giving that location away to a hostile listener, e. Bilge Rat – Someone who works in the engineering spaces. To intentionally sink a ship or object.

May be a single piece of paper or a bound book. The BENO Box was notorious for long on-station assignments, during which time there would “Be No Liberty, Be No Women, Be No Nothing! To maintain a specific type of listening watch on a radio net 4 payday loans cash advance online cob payday loan 6 circuit.

Navy, Army, and Air Force Institute. The word comes from the pidgin English of the old China Fleet for “Come Ashore” money. Thanks for the information, this is really very useful.

Knee-knockers – The coaming of a watertight door or bulkhead opening. If someone says his fun meter is pegged, chances are that he is not enjoying himself. Pusser’s rum mixed with two parts water.

Call the Ball – A radio transmission from a carrier pilot reporting that he has sighted the BALL during approach to the carrier. Langkah yang paling pas untuk mencari info sejumlah – banyak. Saying “thank you” is a great way to make your email more polite. 4 cos payday loans cash advance online payday loan 6 Down – To lay out a line to permit free running while maintaining seamanlike appearance. Gethomeitis – The tendency to ignore potentially significant problems when homeward bound, especially in aviation circles. Cease Fire – Do not open fire, or discontinue firing.