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He gathered in a big share. Fixed bug “variable title not found” on new multi-drawer manager. Fixed issue with some Tennessee half page forms printing out of alignment.

Added police reporting for sales transactions as required by Virginia and Montana law. Fixed problem with retrieving Monex gold price quotes and added link on precious metals calculator to view the webpage used as a reference, added support for Alabama Burrell form 10-0105, improved advanced rate setup so you can now beach delaware paperless payday advances online payday a flat rate instead of a percentage rate calculation or whichever is greater or a combination of the two. Added better controls for required customer information. Complete overhaul of the inventory browser which now works much faster. Added drop down selector for precious metal karat selection, you can still manually enter anything you like.

Fixed OFAC update check so it only asks once per session if you answer no. The manufacturer has not provided any details about what has changed in this version. Added support for Louisiana Burrell form 10-1809, added clause to Georgia plain paper full page form regarding redemption rights during the grace period. Added option on check advance customer checks to make the middle check the voided copy for your records.

Added form required for South Carolina pawn notices, added filter notices by loan amount. Fixed issue with business statistics report where the filters “Titles Only”, “Exclude Titles” and “Virgin islands + payday loans-social security delaware loan online payday Only” were not working correctly. Added Kansas plain paper full page form with both single page and duplex versions.

Outstanding inventory assets can now be written to beach delaware virgin islands + payday loans-social security online payday excel spreadsheet in a format which can be imported into Quickbooks. Updated Georgia T4 discharge of lien form. Added additional text required on South Carolina over the counter purchase tickets, added weight to all printed versions of police reporting as well as expanded the serial number which was sometimes clipped.

Added further breakdown of principal payments coming from pawn or title transactions to cash report. Added Montana Burrell pawn laser forms 10-2609 and 10-2609-03. On screen help explains all the new fields on the multi-drawer manager. Fixed issue with printing the Florida plain paper full page buy ticket. Maria wants to learn how to make curly hair.

Added support for barcode scanning of Florida ANSI 636010090002 style IDs. Completed integration of notice fees into renewal and redemption transactions. These names are now sorted correctly using the first name when searching for customers or running reports sorted by customer name. AI-Based Credit Scores Will Soon Give One Billion People Access beach delaware loan paperless payday advances payday Banking Services Alternative credit scores — using data, in part, from customers’ smartphones — will be migrating from emerging economies to the U. Redesigned the TRANSACTION HISTORY report available from the reprint ticket screen to be much more detailed and useful for state examiners conducting audits.

Added additional description details entered on items to BWI police reporting format. Consign form to print on a single page. Check settlement and check extension receipts now show amount tendered – change due if entered. Steve Henley at the Department of Financial Institutions has approved this change to the form. First you now have the option to prepare a report containing only precious metals.

Added a new security option which can be used to prevent an employee from deleting an expense. Fixed issue with printing a list of jewelry labels from the inventory browser when using a Zebra printer. Added Georgia Burrell 24-1009 Title Form.

Fixed all Georgia forms to show correct calculations of reduced rate transation amounts including adjusting for a minimum loan amount as needed. Changed put in storage to sort by item date instead of item number, added company phone number to Arkansas Burrell form, expanded number of days for pawn notices to accomodate South Carolina’s -45 days, added retail price to the “What Have I Loaned Before” function on pawn transactions. Added requested additional information to custom auditing tool for Virginia. TN buy tickets not printing properly on some printers, added option to show cents on label cost code, fixed problem with pawn increase in Virginia. Are You a Beach virgin islands + payday loans-social security loan online payday or a Marketer?