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Updated our scanner software to support more models of scanners. Fixed issues with retrieving gold and silver prices from Kitco. Fixed bug on ATF Query report and added cost filter to inventory verification report. Minor requested changes to payday payday loans bill bay county Fort Knox custom pawn form.

Added option to show voided gun background checks on the instant check log report. Major overhaul of the HTP accounting engine, including proper handling of all voided transactions, completely redesigned cash report, business statistics report, transaction report, drawer report, check register, journal entry system and bank account manager. Added customer signature “X” on Tennessee check advance form and covered borrower ID statement. 17 will now correctly show a forfeit date 63 days past the due date instead of 93. Fixed issues with newer models of M2SYS fingerprint scanners where a good scan might not be detected and it wouldn’t allow you to save it.

Added new FTP data upload capability from the cash report and cash report for data range. Topics include reporting requirements needed to maintain eligibility for USDA programs, an overview of prevented planting-failed acreage reporting and available disaster programs. Additional minor improvements to the cash report for date range report. Manual editing of a due date now properly updates the renewal count when payday payday loans bill bay county same day each month mode. All contracts, forms, reports and police reporting will now use the cell number instead of the home phone number when one has been entered. Fixed problems with GA renewals and plain paper check cashing form.

All active employees are listed on any business date even if they haven’t logged in to the system. Custom Burrell forms now use the item loan form option. Customer Notices now print sorted by customer name. Increased processing speed of daily cash report. Added option to remove retail price from inventory labels. Fixed various issues and added some improvements to the bad check manager.

Completed integration of notice fees into renewal and redemption transactions. These two options can be activated on the setup menu under legal settings. Added option to require a customer’s weight be filled in when saving a pawn or buy. Updated the federal withholding tables used for calculating payroll to the 2017 values. Updated New York pawn notice text to clearly identify the forfeiture date instead of the due payday loan payday loans bill county.

Added new feature on customer editor to scan their information from the 2D barcode on the rear of their driver’s license using a standard barcode reader. Fixed issue with custom logo thermal sales receipts where the amount tendered would print across the total line. Added check transaction history to the reprint ticket menu for state examiner audits.

Added Kentucky Burrell pawn form 10-1705. Added information to the Kentucky overdue notice letter regarding the ability to renew the loan and the amount required for a payday payday loans bill bay county. Added a detailed breakdown of trades with reduced tax liability on the tax liability report. Customer search reports now display the cell number by default. Entire list label printing mode is now enabled for any query in the inventory browser.

Added the total loaned and total retail to the inventory browser for the currently selected items. Fixed issue where voiding a gun disposition would leave the middle name of the customer in the gun book until the gun was disposed to another customer. Please make a backup before updating your software.